Friday, March 9, 2007

Week 7 in Semi-intensive English Class

Time flies so fast, now in the seventh week in this semester. We continue to study in grammar book – Adjective Clauses, and reading The Global Marketplace in our textbook. We also had another article from The World Is Flat. “The World Is Flat” , this book is first year book in school.
To be honesty, I did not have enough knowledge even sense in business field. All of the business terms for me are not easy to understand,such as tariff, central economic planning, and market capitalism. Maybe I need to transfer those terms into my native language; however, I didn’t. I tried to search them on WiKipedia for making sense.
We also have the oral presentation in this week. I thought that I mistook the question; therefore, I did not have a good presentation.
What happened to me!! I did not have any good score so far. It’s too bad !!

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Nina Liakos said...

Hi Jennifer, I also have the feeling that the semester is flying by even faster than usual. Already past midterm and coming up on spring break! How can this be?

I like your idea of trying to understand the economics terms by looking them up in Wikipedia! Sometimes, when you are learning about an entirely new topic, you learn vocabulary in your new language that you don't know even in your native language. When I visited France as a college student and toured several cathedrals, I learned French architectural terms that I did not yet know in English: words such as "nave" and "flying buttress". It was a curious feeling to know some French words without knowing their English equivalents (which I learned later)!

Have a very nice weekend!