Friday, March 2, 2007

Reflection on This Week

Last week I got a cold and did not attend to the class on schedule. I felt not good not only from the physical but from my mind. Because I never got such a heavy cold since I have been here. I could not pay attention on my course and each assignment even I tried to do it. I thought that I got behind a lot in the class, and I needed to get ahead as soon as possible. I think it is important to do exercise in my free time and eat more fruit and vegetable. Of course, take a rest when I feel uncomfortable. People say that these are good ways to keep your health.
This week, we continue to study in gerunds and infinitives in English Grammar. There are a lot of rule I have to memorize. I did not do well in this section and it was let me feel very upset. I should study hard and keep practice in the textbook, I think.


Nina Liakos said...

Jennifer, I suspect it was not a cold you had but flu (influenza). This is a pretty serious illness which is not influenced by how many vegetables and fruits you eat! It usually takes about a week to recover from it. I hope your husband and son did not also catch it.

I know you are frustrated with the gerunds and infinitives. They require some heavy-duty memorizing! Keep working on them, though, because you can't use these words correctly when you write or speak unless you know what form to use after them, and there are many questions on the MEIPE which depend on your knowing them. Don't give up!

Cris said...

HI Jennifer,
I hope you are feeling better by now. Sometimes colds can put you in bad shape just like that, let alone the flu!
You are absolutely right exercise and a good, healthy diet will decrease the possibilities of disease.
I jog almost everyday and try to have a balanced, low-fat diet.
My only problem are the sweets. I enjoy a good muffin and/or a chocolate bar...but I am trying to eat less sugar! :)

Hiromi said...

Hello, Jennifer!
Are you feeling better now? I really hope you are. Also, I know you've tried to follow up the schedule you got left behind, but please don't think about too much especially when you don't feel comfortable. Just take it easy and relax for a little while!

I also had a hard time learning about the grammer in English, and memorizing every single rule that I've learned while I was preparing for the entrance exam of the university. However, I think that it'll expand your English ability! So keep trying!