Friday, March 2, 2007

ESOL Conversation Program With Me

ESOL Conversation Program is a program to help international students to improve their English speaking skills on campus. Last semester, I wanted to register this program; however, the schedule to me was conflict with my courses.

Fortunately, I have the spare time to register this program. I chose one group class and one speaking partner. In the group class, we have to choose a topic which we like to discuss before the class, and then we share the opinion and discuss the subject. The teacher is a volunteer to teach us and she tries to teach us how to use the English in everyday life.

Another class is one by one to practice my English skills. My speaking partner is an undergraduate student. He is a very nice person, he prepared the CNN’s new article to me and discussed with me. We also share our life experience to each other, especially; he shared his study experience in Japanese to me. It is a mirror to me to know how people to learn the second language. In order to help me to improve my English ability, he will plan to give me some article to read.


Nina Liakos said...

Dear Jennifer,
It's wonderful that you have taken the initiative to get some extra practice interacting in oral English! It sounds like your conversation group and partner will really add to both your knowledge of English and your comfort level using the language. Kudos to you!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Jennifer!
I'm envious of you that you have such a nice program to improve your English skills! I wish my university had that kind of program... Also, it's nice for you to be able to register the program finally!

It seems like you had a good time talking with your speaking partner! It's always great to make a conversation with people who have different backgrounds,isn't it?