Sunday, February 25, 2007

Reflect on What I Have Been Learning in Another Class This Week

“Children's Information Technology and Policy” is another class that I take in this semester. Because the professor went to the Israel, we had another speaker in the class in this week. We discussed on the mobile computing how to using in children library. As we know, there are more and more children use the technology, such as PDA, cell phone, and game in their everyday life. However, we still need to know the advantages and disadvantages of using technology in children library. Of course, the policy of children’s internet protection is also an important issue.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year 2007

Today is Chinese New year’s eve, also named the Spring Festival. In our Chinese New Year’s Eve and the first day of New Year are celebrated as a time of getting altogether and thanksgiving. In this holidays (approximately for one week), we visit our relatives and friends. Besides, we have a big meal in the dinner and we will get the red envelope from our parent or elder who in our family.
There are some special evens, for example, the first day of the New Year we always visit our oldest relatives. Yet another example is the second day of the New Year, every daughter who has been married needs to visit their parents. I think it is a very special culture.
One way to name a Chinese year is by an animal. By this system, year names are re-cycled every 12 years, because there are 12 animal names, such as rat, ox and tiger are the first three. In this year, 2007 is year of pig. Happy Chinese New Year !!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Reflection on Something Happened in This Week

The weather changed to snow on Monday and our school reported that we would not have a class due to the inclement weather. It so luck to everyone who in love, because we got another vocation on Valentine Day.

However, I didn’t expect to have this free day, I could not discuss with my partners on our oral presentation. I tried to connect my partners via E-mail and phone and divided every section that who needs to report it. We chose and saw the video “Jane Goodall: A Life in the Wild” for the oral presentation. It is a challenge for me to make a speech in front of people. Even I did the research in our project; I was so nervous that forget what I want to say.

Friday, February 9, 2007

My Experience With Visiting the National Zoo

Last Saturday(020307), I went to the National Zoo with my family. The weather was sunny but a little bit freeze. This was my first time to visit the National Zoo and I was very excited. We visited the giant pandas, small mammals, of course, great apes and other primates. ( I studied the lecture about nonhuman primates last week) In the past, I only can get some information about primates in internet or animal planet. I would like to see them in person and observe their behavior.

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What you’ve learned this week in this class

I have been this class for 2 weeks so far, and I must say that it is really different with former English class. I have to study more independent and spontaneous. Because we only have two hours per day in this class, we need to do exercise and ask teacher by ourselves after class. I have learned the grammar rules in nouns, pronouns and noun clauses. In addition, we practice listening, reading and composing an essay. We have a class blog and a class reading wiki. I also interested in post something in my blog and post my feedback after reading a story about Lance Armstrong.